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You will have an instructor account and as many accounts as you desire for your children or students.  The first yearly subscription is $27.95.  It gives you both an administrator account and a student account.  Every student account after the first is $10.  All the following $10 student subscriptions will be under the first administrator.

Your subscription will run until July 1, 2020, even if you subscribe in March, April or May of 2019.  The site at present can only issue one-year subscriptions.  But as next year’s subscription ends, let us know and we will renew it until July 1, 2020.  We want early subscribers to have the account active for all of next year’s school year.

You will fill out all the ordering info, giving all your info and an email and a user and a password for the Administrator.  Your Administrative user is password protected.


Upon completion of your purchase, you will be directed to the Teacher Dashboard.  You can add your students at any time during the duration of your subscription.  Directions for how to do your student sign-ups are on the Teacher dashboard page.

If you look at the Blue Print on this page that says “Curriculum Bundle” and “Courses”, you will see two listed below it: 1. First Timer Curriculum and 2. Second Timer Curriculum.  We explain this in the “General Info” section in the top menu bar, but essentially this is what these are.

When you buy one subscription for a student, you are given two almost identical strands of curriculum.  First Timer is for those going through the curriculum the first time and Second Timer is for those going through a second time or those we call “sci-buffs”.  A child can do any part of both strands.  We ask you not to use this “bonus feature “ for two students, however.  Please have every student with his own subscription.


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