Shell Beauty

Shell Beauty by Don Miller | 5 August 2019 Many objects found on earth you touch and hold and examine

Flowers From Brown Dirt

Flowers from brown dirt By Don Miller | April 25, 2019 “Remember this: Had any other condition been better for

Joyfully Fervent

Joyfully Fervent Don Miller | May 22, 2019 No one has to tell birds to get on the ball and

Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts By Don Miller | June 4, 2019 Situations can seem more negative than they really are. Our actual

The Infinite Code

The Infinite Code By Don Miller | May 23, 2019 The genetic code of people contains roughly 30,000 protein-coding regions.

Battle Over Bitterness

Battle over Bitterness By Don Miller | May 25, 2019 Anyone on the planet with any age has some issues