Precise Sonar Blasts

Precise Sonar Blasts By Don Miller | May 26, 2019 Twenty million bats live in the Bracken Cave of San Antonio, Texas. The bats fly at high speeds in erratic paths in completely dark caverns with hundreds of thousands of other bats in flight.  How can they not crash into each other or the walls …

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Masterful Feathers

Masterful Feathers By Don Miller | August 25, 2019 One of the great blessings of being sizably acquainted with the “deeper science” of the world God created is that you are constantly coming across powerful evidences of both God’s power and intelligence. For instance, this Great Grey Owl has an astonishing array of 9,000+ masterfully …

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Oddly Octopus

Oddly Octopus By Joseph Miller | May 28, 2019 “Octopuses and their relatives (cuttlefish and squid) represent an island of mental complexity in the sea of invertebrate animals.” – Peter Godfrey, 2017.   Octopuses belong to a class of marine mollusks called cephalopods. They are soft bodied, eight-limbed organisms that can rapidly alter shape, enabling …

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